Dental case study: All on 4 implant supported dentures

Meet the patient 

The patient was experiencing a number of symptoms that indicated it was time for him to visit an experienced dentist. He found biting and chewing painful, limiting his diet. He had several loose teeth amongst gaps where teeth had fallen out. The remainder of his teeth were constantly sensitive. The state of his teeth also caused him embarrassment. As a result, he kept his mouth closed when smiling and grew a beard to hide his appearance. 

The patient wasn’t raised with a strict oral health care routine. He grew up neglecting his teeth, not paying attention to his diet and rarely visiting a dentist for check ups. Now in his mid-40s, he felt compelled to change his habits and seek a solution for a healthy natural-looking smile. 

After visiting numerous dental clinics, the patient’s experiences left him with a lack of trust in dentists. He was dissatisfied with the quality of treatments he’d received. And he was yet to find a dentist who dedicated time to explain any treatments needed for long-term results, or build rapport to ensure he had a comfortable experience. After extensive research, the patient educated himself about recommended dental materials, treatment plans, and costs and met with the team at Gosford Family Dentist for a consultation. 

The patient’s dental treatment

Whilst he had been told that his teeth were in a bad condition, it was clear to Dr Jang that his patient needed extensive dental treatment. Following comprehensive examination, Dr Jang found considerable decay with teeth and gum infections. This rendered the patient’s mouth untreatable with preventative dentistry. With such extreme damage to his teeth, it was recommended by Dr Jang that the patient undergo a full-mouth extraction and a replacement of his teeth with all-on-4 implant-supported dentures.   

During his first visit, the patient told Dr Jang about his previous dental treatments, oral care routine, and more importantly, his fear of the dentist. By understanding his feelings toward dental work and fear of the unknown, Dr Jang customised his approach to ensure the patient felt comfortable during every appointment. Over the course of 18 months, the procedure involved a number of steps to achieve the desired outcome.

Step 1: Sedation

Since the patient needed a full-mouth extraction, Dr Jang recommended twilight sedation involving a sedative administered through an IV. Whilst remaining conscious, twilight sedation placed the patient into a dream-like state, eliminating his fear and discomfort. 

Step 2: Extraction

Over the course of two appointments, the patient’s teeth were carefully and gently extracted and immediately replaced with custom temporary dentures. After the extraction, the patient was given prescription painkillers to deal with the pain and swelling until his mouth had time to heal.

Step 3: Placing the implants

With access to quality lab technology, based in Australia, Dr Jang was able to achieve natural-looking implants suited to the patient’s face shape. He made incisions in the patient’s gums and placed titanium implants securely into his jaw to support the permanent implants, ready for the all-on-4 dentures. 

Step 4: Placing the dental bridge

Following the placement of the implants, the next step was to clean and disinfect the patient’s mouth. And after that, attach the dental bridge.

Step 5: Recovery

Following Dr Jang’s advice on appropriate foods, proper oral care, and pain management, the patient’s mouth began to heal over time. 


after all on 4 implant supported dentures image

Now, the patient has a reason to smile. He has healthy natural-looking teeth, free of pain and embarrassment. Following treatment, he now feels confident to smile, and can bite and chew without feeling pain. To this day, he continues to visit Gosford Family Dentist for routine dental check ups without hesitation or fear.

Last year, the patient and his wife welcomed their first child, a healthy baby girl. Following his treatment, he is educating his daughter on the importance of oral health as she grows. He has introduced her to a soft silicone finger toothbrush and looks forward to her first visit to Gosford Family Dentist. 

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