Dental care in Australia: Why treatment in Australia beats overseas




Pre COVID-19, thousands of Australians were choosing to travel overseas to pursue cheaper cosmetic dental work. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia proved most attractive. But due to the outbreak, we’re restricted from travelling overseas indefinitely. With no dental vacation in sight, Australians are facing a decision. Whether to have treatment here in Australia or wait until restrictions are lifted. If you’re considering cosmetic dental treatment sooner rather than later, let’s look at the benefits of dental care here in Australia.

Accredited and professional practitioners

Australian dentists are among the most highly regard dental professionals in the world. Why? As a country with high standards for dental practitioners, students have access to elite programs. In fact, the University of Western Australia offers a program ranked within the top 150 dental programs in the world.

Once accredited, Australian dentists have to follow strict guidelines and are under the watchful eye of the government agency, the Dental Board of Australia and the Australian Dental Association. Both organisations monitor dental practitioner’s compliance with internationally recognised health standards, accreditations, and the medical code of conduct. And, if you’re not happy with the quality of your treatment, there are avenues to make a formal complaint to resolve your concerns.

Exceptional hygiene standards

Australia has some of the best hygiene and safety standards in the world – strictly monitored and enforced by governing bodies. Some cosmetic and restorative procedures can become very complex, sometimes requiring patients to have these procedures completed in hospital. In Australia, there are clear industry rules and regulations when it comes to infection control, sterilisation, and practice cleanliness. So, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dentist isn’t cutting corners or using outdated technology when performing your cosmetic dental treatment.

You don’t have to rush your cosmetic treatment

Depending on the complexity of your dental procedure, you may need to visit your dentist multiple times. For example, dental implants need to be completed in stages, giving the mouth adequate time to heal. When you choose a local dentist, you won’t feel rushed. All of your dental work will be complete in a timely manner. If you require a follow up, or have questions post-procedure, you know your dentist isn’t far away.

Save money on flights and associated travel costs

Depending on the extent of your cosmetic treatment, Australian dental work can be more affordable than an exotic holiday. Although you may pay more for the procedure, have you considered the added costs of travelling internationally for dental work? Some of these costs include airfares, accommodation, hospital expenses, even your meals, and day-to-day spending money.

There are also a range of payment options available in Australia. If you’re eligible, Medicare offers public dental services. If not, private health insurance offers cover for cosmetic dental as an extra with payments as little as $26 per week. Another payment option is ZipPay – a service that covers the cost of your dental treatment on the spot and spreads the total cost over an interest-free payment schedule that suits you.

Unlike practices overseas, dental practitioners in Australia are required to outlay the cost of professional indemnity insurance (PII) and invest in materials regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. When you pay for dental work in Australia, you pay for quality, expertise and peace of mind. If you experience complications, there is appropriate cover.

Visit your local dentist Gosford

If you’re looking for professional treatment, exceptional hygiene standards and peace of mind when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures, then visiting your local dentist is best. Reach out to the team at Gosford Family Dentist today to discuss what cosmetic treatments are available to you.

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