Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

‘I hate the dentist’. This is the most common phrase I hear from my patients. We all know walking into a dental practice can be daunting. Although making that initial decision to pick up the phone to make an appointment could be a tough one but also life-changing.

Be aware you’re not the only person who is scared of the dentists. At your initial appointment, we would like you to tell us what you dislike while visiting the dentist, whether it be bad childhood memories, the sound, or perhaps simply the smell.

The top 3 reasons why people dislike the dentist and how we can help you overcome your fear of the dentist

  1. Anxiety

    Dreading to see the dentist cause of childhood memories or hearing stories from friends or family could leave you completely drained. Some people can’t sleep properly the night before their appointment. People hate feeling so anxious but they can’t shake it. At Gosford Family Dentist we do have Sedation Dentistry, which is a great option to reduce anxiety.

  2. Needles

    Yes, needles are one of the biggest adult phobias and children are even more fearful. During a dental procedure, it’s always beneficial to find a way to manage your pain. One of these ways is with a local anaesthetic. Before the local anaesthetic is delivered, the dentist will apply numbing gel on your gums which make it a less painful experience.

  3. Pain

    The question on everybody’s mind “is it going to hurt?”. Your teeth are a sensitive area of our body, so the threat of dental pain is extremely scary. That is why proper pain management is vital in dentistry. We believe dentistry should be comfortable. Our dentist makes sure you are completely numb or out of pain before any dental treatment. We can help make your dental appointment a more pleasant experience for you.

Make your move today to a healthier lifestyle and overcome your fear of the dentist by contacting Gosford Family Dentist.


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